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Really enjoyed looking through your galleries, Fantastic photo's/website. Thank you..
Jamie Barker(non-registered)
Hi there Joanna I'm also an amours prefer from the north-east of England I love some of the photographs you've taken I hope your website continues to get a lot of traffic!

Best regards Jamie
Ian kirby(non-registered)
Just looked at your galleries. Beautiful photos
You do know your toys (including the camera.) :-)
Dave Cadman(non-registered)
You have a natural eye for a good picture. Love your work.
Joanna Potts(non-registered)
Just wanted to thank everyone who has contacted me and left me messages of support and advice following Jared's FKP critique of my website! I'm glad you are all liking my alterations and I have enjoyed looking at all your website links for inspiration!

Your support has been really appreciated!

Keep Shooting! (RAW pref) ;-)

Kind Regards

I am from America and I heard about this website from fro knows photo. I am glad to see you have taken Jared's advice. I love your pictures and hope you have a beautiful journey with your camera.
Alice Allen(non-registered)
Lovely website and lovely photographs. Much better than some of the images that I have seen from students that have been studying photography for 4+ years!
You have really good potential! And brilliant photography skills.

Keep trying and take on the criticism well - its how you react to the criticism that will help you :)
Lovely photos once again, looking forward to seeing more!
Steve Cook(non-registered)
Well done on having the bravery to get your photos out there and its good to see that you are improving your website. It all can take a lot of time so don't grow the content too much before you are ready.

I have been taking pictures for a number of years but have to go back and recover my self taught knowlege by doing a online course, what I have found is that it has taught me to come our of my comfort zone and try new things.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
Craig Stewart(non-registered)
G'day Joanna,
Congratulations on getting your work out there. It is a liberating feeling. Just remember, we all started from the beginning. Your work is evolving. If you would like ... you can email me and I can help you along with your website. I can check spelling and grammar. I know you will have questions and I will help if I can or send you in the right direction. I have included my website, so you can check it out.

That is another way of improving your website is to check other photographer's websites out. In my website, I have a links page where I have listed some of my favorite photographers, so you can see where I get my inspiration.

Getting back to photography, do you have any friends that have also been bitten by the photography bug? If you do, organize shoots, even if you friends have children bring them along and try some child portraits. Its all about getting out there and having fun. Do you have a camera club close by? ... They are awesome!!! To improve your eye ... check out paintings and artists. A good website for that is Pinterest (

I actually started shooting around the backyard ... and this week, I have started my Bachelor of Photography degree.

The funny thing about Jared's critiques ... even when he is being critical, he is nice about it and he does it to help you!

Hear from you soon!
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